From the outside, these circular descendants of Mongolia and Krzyghstan may look like a tent, but step inside and the beauty of the crown will leave you in awe. Moving your eyes from the pole-supported roof to the wooden trellis walls, you will begin to appreciate the natural form and strength of each individual yurt. As sustainable woodsmen, we never wish to undermine quality or structure. As such, all our yurts are created from sustainably-sourced and individually-harvested timber which includes ash, sweet chestnut and oak. We have personally cut or coppiced every single tree used in yurt construction, so you can be confident that you are making an ecological and a conscientious choice when you select J.O.Y.

Jersey Organic Yurts are built in Jersey using high-quality, sustainably-sourced timber either from the UK, our Spanish farmland in Asturias or the island of Jersey.

We use the traditional method of coppicing for roof poles so wood is 5-8 years old at harvest and will regenerate completely. The tree (chestnut, oak or ash) will send out new shoots from the same trunk effectively regenerating from the source. Trellis poles follow a similar process and we sand them by hand to create an organic form which blends smoothly with the circular structure of the yurt.

The skins of the yurts are hand-stitched on industrial sewing machines. We use a durable, heavy-grade breathable canvas made from a mix of cotton and polyester and sourced from Scotland. The fact that the material breathes means that moisture does not condense on the inside and you avoid that strong plastic smell present in some alternative structures. In addition, as the walls are hung from the trellis, both the skylight and the walls can be removed as necessary to accommodate high temperatures or unexpected heat.

We have a range of sizes from:

5m (circumference)-ideal for a honeymoon stay or small kids’ party
6m- seats 20-25; small celebration, family stay or pop-up café
7m – seats 30 – 35; dance space, yoga class, festival space
9m seating 70- 75; great wedding/party space

Two 9-meter yurts can be joined together to accommodate a larger wedding party or reception. In this case, clients have often found that the 6-metre yurt is ideal for housing the reception food (cake, cheeses, etc.)

All can be booked to suit any occasion.